Communicate your essence

How it works

Can you feel it? You are ready to manifest who you are and share your message with the world. Connecting with your essence is the basis to attract the customers that you really want to work with.

I combine my background in in marketing and digital commerce with my intuition, astrology and shamanic techniques. I've discovered that not all rules and "proven methods" work for individuals like you and me. We know that sometimes universal principles set aside marking laws, right? 

Online or live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

I would love our first encounter to be in nature. If you're not in the vicinity of Amsterdam, no worries, I'll ask you to choose a place in nature to connect to your inner realms and to report back to me.  

We meet online and intuitively follow the path as we go along. I look forward to connecting with you! 

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."  

~ John Muir

Shining bright! Like a car through the carwash in 5 steps

You'll come out of the Communicate your Essence carwash all bright and shiny! I guide you to reconnect with the deeper layers of who you essentially are. My programme consists of 5 steps. Everyone is different: It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Some of the steps may take a bit shorter or longer.  

Step 1: Your question mapped out

In our one hour intake session we talk about your question or focus. 

Step 2: Reconnecting to your essence

In the following session we have a conversation, based on your spiritual birth chart, diving into deeper layers, connecting to your higher (unique) self, unveiling your essential qualities and soul's purpose. 

Step 3: Working on your communication skills 

In this phase we translate your essence into communication about you and your product or service. What does your communication read in between the lines? Are you sending out a subliminal message, that you are not aware of? Let's look, for instance, at the content of your bio, your "Why", your "elevator pitch" or/and your About page. 

Step 4: Reaching out to your (potential) customers

Are you owning your value? Who do you want to work with? Do you know your target audience? We look into these and many more questions to understand your resonance with potential customers. 

Step 5: Set out a plan to update your content strategy

We've learned so much by now. This the moment to align your online presence with who you truly are and with your intentions and goals. 

Last step: content strategy tips and tricks

During our time together I make a quickscan of the way you present yourself, off and online. At the end of our journey together I provide with practical tips and tricks to go further. If you don't want to create the copy yourself I can help you (re)write your website, write newsletters, or provide you with copy for social media. 

  • Are you consistent in the way you present yourself? I'll share my opinion. 
  • Is your website working as it should: is it YOU, it is trustworthy, can people find it in Google?  
  • Is your copywriting selling your story? 
  • Are you on social media? Are you making use of it in the best possible way?  
  • And many many more tips and questions answered based on my 13 years experience in marketing.

"Focus on the journey, not the destination"  

~ Greg Anderson

The definition of success

Rome wasn't built in one day. Depending on your specific challenges and questions - and where you stand as a creative/spiritual entrepreneur - the 5 step journey may take a bit shorter or longer. We'll discuss this in the first session. 

Shining a light on your blindspot

As you may understand I cannot guarantee you instant success, growth or a lot of well-paying clients. What I do know is that you embark on a journey planting seeds and realigning yourself with your inner universe and creative self. We'll talk about your inner critic and establish how your (possible) blindspot is holding you back. 

What you may expect

My goal for you is that you gain groundbreaking insight into how you communicate about you. At the end of the 5 step program, you have:

  1. made connection with yourself on a deeper level
  2. a clearer picture of how to communicate what it is that makes you the best person to provide your product/service
  3. a strategy of how to approach your new clients and implenting it in your (online) presentation  

They Say


Improvisation actrice 

"The one thing I was struggling with is the one thing that Muriel is an expert in."



"Last year, I decided to become a fulltime self-sufficient artist. Muriel has helped me to get the story straight about me and my art."

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