Communicate (from) your essence

Tap into your creative essence and show your magic to attract the clients that you really want to work with

Photo credits: Ernst van Deursen


I guide inspired entrepreneurs to communicate from their deepest source of creativity and wisdom. 

Who are you in essence? 

I recognize, at a level where no words are needed, whether the way you communicate about your offer is congruent with who you essentially are. I can give you tools to get your clearest message out into the world.

How to meet your customer's needs?

First of all: Who are the clients that you picture in need of (or happy with) what you have to offer? Together we'll map out and connect with your ideal clients. What is their demand or problem that you have an answer to? 

Attract customers like honey to a bee 

There is a sweetspot in which your passion and your offer merge with your clients' needs and demands. Adjust your message and online marketing to your ideal client base.  

Let's find out where your passion and your offer meet your clients' needs and demands...

about ME

Fostering connectivity, creativity and transformation that's my mission in life. I love to inspire women to connect with their essential Self, innate wisdom and creative source. Witnessing "the click" feels utterly rewarding: that moment we align with who we are meant to be. And then proceed from that point of clarity. 

Hi, I am Muriel

With over 2 decades of corporate experience (of which 14 years as an online marketing and communications expert) I know when your (non-verbal) communication is resonating with your mission and goals. Currently, I combine my work as an astrologer and artist, with my marketing experience to help creative and conscious women to communicate effectively. 

Photo credits: Ernst van Deursen


How I can guide you to communicate (from) your essence

Preferably, we'll go for a walk in the woods. Nature helps us to enter the inner realms. In a first conversation, I connect with you and tune in to your story. I am keen on discovering the question behind the question.  

If you allow me I'll work with your spiritual astrology chart to get straight to the essence: your unique qualities and your soul's purpose.  


Check what my clients say about Communicate your Essence

Last year, I decided to become a fulltime self-sufficient artist. Muriel has helped me to get the story straight about me and my art. 



The one thing I was struggling with is the one thing that Muriel is an expert in. 


Improvisation actrice

I followed an expensive marketing course. And the only thing that I really needed - and that was not part of the curriculum - was what Muriel offers. 


Therapist, DANCE & Yoga Teacher

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